Cover Model Corner Interview With Daniel Hosse

11292857_10205521832498163_761643850_n I met Daniel Hosse at the A Day With the Authors event in Nashville in May and invited him to do a Cover Model Corner interview with me. I’m pleased to be able to share his interview with you here today. IMG_3289 Welcome Daniel!  What was the first cover you appeared on and how did this come about? Daniel: The first cover I shot was for Renee Lee Fisher. She actually contacted me after seeing one of my shots online and asked me to be on her cover. Debra: If you could do a photo shoot anywhere in the world for a cover, where would you most want to go? What sort of shoot would it be? Daniel: I’d love to do a shoot in the mountains. I’ve always wanted to do a rustic photo shoot on location somewhere like that. 11270877_10205521832618166_687727660_n Debra: Beyond romance novel cover shots, what other projects or jobs keep you busy? Daniel: I write poetry as well and it’s one of my primary passions. Debra: Poetry is one of my passions too. I do love a good poem. If you wrote a book, what would it be about? Daniel: I have written two and am in the process of formatting them for publication. Both are poetry books. Debra: Excellent. I look forward to reading them! This question is almost always asked in interviews because your fitness level is beyond the average persons. What is your exercise routine and what sort of nutrition plan do you follow to achieve and maintain your level of fitness? 11276059_10205521832578165_1959572634_n Daniel: I workout an average of 6 days a week, focusing on different muscle groups each day. Diet is the biggest part and struggle for me. I’ve always been a “hard gainer” so keeping my weight up and eating constantly is the toughest challenge. Debra: If you could share three simple fitness tips the average romance reader could do every day to stay healthy, what would they be? Daniel: Drink water, eat clean, and listen to your body. Debra: Excellent advice. It’s your birthday dinner and the calories don’t count. What’s on the menu and what are you drinking? Daniel: Sushi and green tea…mmmm. Debra: Oh that sounds delicious. How would you describe the perfect romantic evening? Daniel: You know I don’t think there is a perfect evening, but rather a perfect date. It’d be “her” that would make any evening romantically perfect.

Debra: Now that is romantic. Please share one unusual fact about you or your life:

Daniel: I love big band music and old radio tunes.

Debra: Oh what fun! Okay now Eight Quickie Questions:

  • Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset and the stars?

Definitely the sunset and stars.

  • The beach or the mountains?

Mountains for sure.

  • Primitive camping or luxury hotel?

Camping any day everyday.

  • Snow skiing or water skiing?

Snow skiing please. Favorite movie: It depends on the genre but “The Notebook” is an all time favorite.

  • Best book you ever read:

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Sport to play:

Bass fishing…hey it’s a sport.

  • Sport to watch:

I honestly don’t watch much TV. I’d rather be doing something myself than watching someone else play a game. Debra: Thank you Daniel, it’s been fun getting to know you. Before we end do you have a poem you might like to share with our readers? 11216289_10205521832538164_1501691369_n Daniel: Yes, I can do that.

The Cricket’s Waltz

High in the hills there lived a man,

Old and wise of gaze,

In a little cabin of log and stone,

Living out his days,

Each night he’d sit beneath the moon,

Rocking in his chair,

He’d settle back and light his pipe,

And at the stars he’d stare,

The wind would oft’ blow softly past,

To ring his horseshoe chimes,

Pipe smoke rising gently up,

Smoky phantoms lost in time,

‘Twas early fall as he sat,

One quiet starry eve,

The year nineteen and sixty two,

Yes I do believe,

No wind did blow to carry off,

The chimes they did not ring,

Instead, as he gently smoked,

He heard a cricket sing,

For a moment the old man was moved,

Stopped rocking in his chair,

The cricket’s song ’twas like a waltz,

At some forgotten fair,

The little tune rose and fell,

A symphony of Nature’s crafting,

Old man smiling to himself,

His pipe smoke still a’wafting,

He then began to rock in time,

With his musical little friend,

So they waltzed into the night,

Until the song did end,

The old man then rose and bowed,

Bid the cricket well,

Turned and walked into his home,

‘Neath the moonlight soft and pale,

So each night the two would sing,

The cricket and the man,

And all the woodland animals,

Would come listen to their band,

Perhaps God himself among the crowd,

No one really knew,

But how beautiful were the songs,

Of that timely two,

Fall’s final leaf then fell one day,

And the old man became ill,

He softly lay upon his bed,

The cricket upon his sill,

When he took his final breath,

His little friend then sung a dirge,

Hopped away into the night,

Nary a sound was heard,

Then on that eve beneath the moon,

With a flowered wreath upon the door,

The porch was empty,

just a rocking chair,

And the cricket waltzed no more.

– DNH 06/2014

Debra: Thank you Daniel, what a lovely poem. And such a nice way to end. Thank you for visiting with me on Cover Model Corner. Readers, for more of Daniel’s poetry, be on the lookout for his book which is coming soon. You can find Daniel on Facebook:   and Instagram – @kadath