About Cover Model Corner… Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time …. there was a romance author named Debra Parmley who bought some raffle tickets at the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention in L.A. The raffle set up by International Cover Model Jimmy Thomas was to raise funds for an animal shelter in L.A. and the cause called to her heart.

She bought the tickets, happy to help in her small way, and thought no more about it.

But then, at the big book signing where she was signing her books, something magical happened and Jimmy Thomas drew her name.

She’d won! She had to pinch herself. The prize was breakfast in bed with International Cover model Jimmy Thomas and would involve a photo shoot.

She had to double check her tickets twice to be sure it really was happening. She couldn’t believe it, but it really was. She left her book signing table to report to Jimmy Thomas and to set up the time for the photo shoot. It really was happening! They set the time and she hurried back to her book signing table.

The day came and she was nervous. She didn’t have anything to wear except her regular pajamas which hardly anyone ever saw her in. When mothers hand out advice about always wearing clean underwear they say nothing about being sure to pick out pajamas you might want to wear in the event you are having a breakfast in bed photo shoot with an international cover model. All she had with her was her black and pink polka dotted pajamas. There had been no time to go shopping. So, polka dots it would have to be. She hoped they didn’t make her look like a twelve year old.

Sometimes there is no fairy godmother to spin up a new set of clothing for you so you have to go with what you have and who you are.


So, there Debra was, nervous and wearing her polka dots. She wondered how she would ever be able to eat with the camera clicking away, but soon Jimmy Thomas and his photographer Bruce Heinsius had her relaxing and joking around like the best of friends.


Jimmy also told her he would do an interview with her and she could post it on her website blog.


The interview was such a success, having 5,000 views in a very short period of time, that other cover models began approaching her, asking to be interviewed.


Cover Model Corner was born. Since then she has interviewed many famous cover models and her interviews are often picked up by Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

After having two new websites built over the past years, Debra decided to set up a dedicated blog for Cover Model Corner and it launched May 26, 2015 here.

Here you will find new and revisited interviews with the cover models and actors which grace the pages of thousands of romance novels.


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