Cover Model Corner Interview With Jackson Young

11194891_982352828451233_1311850731_oI’m excited today to be able to share my interview with Jackson Young here on Cover Model Corner.

Jackson is a singer, songwriter, ballroom dancer and choreographer, cover model and actor. Jackson served in the Army 101 st Airborne Division as an “Infantry Scout” 1st of the 502nd. I met Jackson in Nashville at the Weekend With the Authors event and he was gracious enough to agree to an interview with me.

Debra: So, Jackson, tell me about your first cover. How did you get into cover modeling?

Jackson: Randi Alexander actually approached me for cover modeling. She’s doing a three book series called Diaries of a Casanova. That is a true life fiction three book series about a country music singer who is established that doesn’t want their name out there so they wanted to get an up-and-comer that would kind of fall in line with you know what they’re doing to create the realism. So that is how I got started.


Debra: Awesome. If you could have a cover shoot anywhere in the world where would like you go?

Jackson: Oh wow. We get those kinds of options? I didn’t know that. *laughs* I thought it was out in the yard or something. *laughs*

Debra: Your dream shoot. *laughs* Where’s your dream shoot?

Jackson: I’d have to say Australia. I think the biggest reason why is from my modeling I have different looks. Australia would be awesome because you could do the cowboy thing, the military thing, and the werewolf thing, whatever.

Debra: All right. Australia would be perfect.


Debra: Tell our readers about a romantic date you would take a girl on.

Jackson: Well, if I could find time for a date. *laughs* I would say my favorite date is I’d pick her up go for a nice steak dinner with wine and then after to the beach or a lake. I’d have to say being out in nature is one of my favorite things. Probably ending the night depending on how personal the relationship is, ending the night with a little bit of whiskey and probably a glass of wine for her.


Debra: Snow skiing or water-skiing?

Jackson: No skiing. No, kidding. *laughs* I’d probably say snow skiing because I’ve never done that before so it would be a challenge for me.

Debra: Luxury hotel or camping?

Jackson: Defiantly camping I’m an outdoors kind of guy. To me there’s nothing better than being around the fire.

Debra: Favorite sport?

Jackson: Football hands down. I ‘m an NFL fanatic. I get fired up for football.

Debra: Besides cover modeling tell me what other projects you’re involved in?

Jackson: That might be the whole interview. Laughs. We just shot a music video with Music video was released in June. I attended RT Dallas in May, and I’m in Minnesota for another concert in October. Sandy Sullivan invited me to perform in 2016 at A Weekend With the Authors in Nashville.

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Jackson Young (Apparel sponsor)


Featured single Drunken Angel (left ) Album Let It Ride (right) Courtesy of fan from the road

Authors can get a Mini-Movie done with Jackson Young so many greats in the business already have its not a book trailer it’s a



Jackson Young Country mini-movies

“Cowboy” Jackson Young courtesy of Royal Touch Photography


Actor Shane Breedlove &Producer/Actor Jackson Young On set of Ring River

Debra: Thank you Jackson! Is there any other message you have for our readers?

Jackson: Social media has become so important. I know I speak for other cover models when I say that going to our pages, liking our content, the more tweets you can give us really makes a difference.

We love and appreciate you for everything you do.

Debra: Thanks Jackson. We love you too.

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“Cowboy” Jackson Young courtesy of Royal Touch Photography



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